19 9 月, 2020
SuperNAIT 3
19 9 月, 2020
音源輸入 串流 Chromecast built-in, Apple AirPlay, TIDAL, Spotify® Connect, Bluetooth (AptX HD), Internet Radio, UPnP™ (hi-res streaming), Roon Ready
USB 2 x USB Type A socket (front and rear – 1.6A charge)
數位(S/PDIF) 2 x Optical TOSLink (up to 24bit/96kHz)
1 x coaxial RCA (up to 24bit/192kHz, DoP 64Fs)
1 x coaxial BNC (up to 24bit 192kHz, DoP 64Fs)
音源輸出 類比 1 x RCA pair
1 x 5-pin DIN
連接性 升級 通過Naim應用程序無線更新系統
網路 Ethernet (10/100Mbps), WiFi (802.11 b/g/n/ac with external antennae)
格式 多房間 Party Mode Streaming: Sync up to six Naim products and control via the Naim app
網路收音機格式 Windows Media-formatted content, MP3, ACC, OGG Vorbis streams and MMS
網路收音機供應商 vTuner premium 5*
音樂格式 WAV – up to 32bits/384kHz
FLAC and AIFF – up to 24bit/384Hz
ALAC (Apple Lossless) – up to 24bit/384Hz
MP3 – up to 48kHz, 320kbit (16 bit)
AAC – up to 48kHz, 320kbit (16 bit)
OGG and WMA – up to 48kHz (16 bit)
DSD – 64 and 128Fs
M4A – up to 48kHz, 320kbit (16 bit)
Note: Gapless playback supported on all formats.
規格 外觀尺寸 87mm x 432mm x 314mm (H x W x D)
外觀 拉絲和陽極處理
重量 10kg
電源 能量消耗 Typical use: 19W
Network standby mode: <2W
Deep sleep: <0.5W
翻錄和存儲 存儲 2 x USB Type A socket (front and rear – 1.6A charge)
與供應 與供應 Zigbee®遙控器(含電池),Power-Line Lite電纜(僅適用於英國),Burndy鏈接插頭,5針DIN互連電纜,BNC到RCA轉接,Wi-Fi(x2)和藍牙天線,清潔布,快速
升級版 電源線 Power-Line
Power Supply 555 PS DR/ XPS/ XP5 XS
其它 Super Lumina / Hi-Line
用戶控制 App Control Naim App for iOS and Android
前面板 5英寸彩色液晶顯示屏和四個按鈕
手持式 Zigbee® RF4CE
Reviews & Awards

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Hi-Fi World | NDX 2 | Best Network Player, Nov 2019
“It is both dynamic yet detailed, with a punch few other streamers can match.”
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HI-FI World | NDX 2 | 5 Globes , Sep 2019
“Sonically it was supremely well-honed, something of a reference for what is possible from streaming.”
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HI-FI+ | NDX 2/XPS DR | Review , May 2019
“The Naim reflects the intrinsic nature of both the recording and the music with everything you choose to play.”
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What Hi-Fi? | NDX 2 | 5 Star Review, Feb 2019
‘For most, a stand-alone Naim NDX 2 will be all the streamer they could ever want. It is well made, carefully conceived and sounds excellent for the money. Naim also has a great track record on supporting its products, which really matters when the investment is as heavy as this. In short, buy the NDX 2 with confidence.’
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The Ear | NDX 2 | 5 Star Review, Feb 2019
‘This is a fabulous streamer, use it with a very good server and you are guaranteed digital musical entertainment that will keep you enthralled for years. It shows you precisely what’s going on and brings out what’s special about the music, and that’s what you want from a piece of audio electronics.’
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Fairaudio | NDX 2 | Hi-Fi Test , Nov 2018
Rather sonorous and razor-sharp pulse playback and analytical access to the air belt … is rather rare, right? No, just as the Naim does that, it seems coherent: music should come across tangibly, authentically and physically.
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NDX 2 | Hi-Fi Critic, Sep 2018
Clarity, image depth precision and dynamics are a prime strength, while still greater resolution and improved timing may be had with those optional extra power supplies. An Audio Excellence rating seems appropriate for the NDX 2/555 PS DR combination.
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Network Players Press Event | Hi-Fi+, Apr 2018
‘First Listen – Naim ND5 XS 2, NDX 2, ND 555 streamers’
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