19 9 月, 2020
Supercap DR
19 9 月, 2020
SUPERNAIT 3 -04-01SUPERNAIT 3 -04-01

SuperNAIT 3


音源輸入 MM Phono 輸入 via RCA, 47k parallel 470pF input impedance, suitable for 5mV cartridges
Line Level 輸入 130mV sensitivity, 47k input impedance, suitable for 2V
功率放大器輸入 DIN Socket
音源輸出 電動配件插座 +24V for Naim phono amplifier
揚聲器輸出 80W per channel into 8 ohms (4mm sockets), 130W per channel into 4 ohms
Line 輸出可變(level) Pre-amp (DIN), Bi-amp (DIN), Sub (RCA pair) 775mV, <50 ohms
Line 輸出固定(level) AV (DIN), Stream (DIN) 130mV, 600 ohms
耳機輸出 1/4 inch (6.35mm) TRS Socket
連接性 更新 1 x USB mini-B
遠端輸入 1 x 3.5mm jack on rear
外觀 機殼 黑色粉末塗層
前面板 拉絲和黑色陽極處理
規格 運送重量 17.25 kg
運送尺寸 240 x 590 x 500 mm
重量 14 kg
外觀尺寸(HxWxD) 87 x 432 x 314 mm
電源 消耗功率(最大) 400VA
主要供應 115V
消耗功率(靜態) 37VA
與供應 與供應 NARCOM-5遙控器,電源線,鏈接插頭和安全手冊
用戶控制 前面板 音量控制,平衡控制和前面板按鈕
遙控器 Infra-Red (RC5)
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HI-FI+ | SUPERNAIT 3 | Editor’s Choice Award 2020 , Apr 2020
“This added heft was present as soon as the Supernait 3 was up and running in my system. My first notes contained words like ‘grunty’ and ‘solid’ when discussing drums and bass guitars.”
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Hi-Fi + | SUPERNAIT 3 | Review, Jan 2020
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AVForums | SUPERNAIT 3 | Highly Recommended , Dec 2019
“Without compromising on the virtues of the earlier models, this is an amp that creates compelling and believable space around everything you ask it to play.”
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Hi-Fi Choice | SUPERNAIT 3 | Recommended Award , Nov 2019
“it effortlessly provides a high level of subtlety and is one of the most accomplished integrated amps I’ve heard and a true all-rounder”
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What Hi-Fi? | SUPERNAIT 3 | 5 Star Review, Oct 2019
“We can’t think of a more capable alternative when it comes to rhythmic drive and precision. The Supernait 3 conveys the changing momentum of this music brilliantly, capturing the various mood changes between tracks with conviction.”
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HIFICRITIC | SUPERNAIT 3 | Audio Excellence Award , Sep 2019
“It’s pretty clear that this new Supernait is much more than a Mk2 with a phono stage bolted in…keeping the Supernait 3 firmly in place as a domestically acceptable way of achieving the best Naim can do, without filling the room with multiple black boxes.”
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The Ear | SUPERNAIT 3 | Editors Choice , Sep 2019
” The Classic series is still very much alive and kicking and the Supernait 3 is living, musical proof…as the beating heart of a music lover’s system, this integrated may just be the last amplifier most of us could ever want or need”
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Hi-Fi+ | SUPERNAIT 3 | Review , Aug 2019
“We know that Naim amps boogie: what is more surprising is that they do it so well in integrated amplifier form and deliver robust imaging.”
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